Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

We are working to unlock the full potential of industrial hemp to create environmental solutions.

Using Industrial Hemp is Life Restorative. Improved in Every way!

Thank You for this opportunity to share the core elements of the positive impacts of REGN.

It has a very powerful impact on the future of both manufacturing industries as well as the quality of Life. This will be far reaching because of the results of the process are Less input, more output. Less impact on resources which are dwindling.

Hemp Has Limitless Benefits and Uses

  1. An acre of industrial hemp produces more oxygen than 25 acres of trees.      
  2. It also eats CO2; 1.63 tons of CO2 per ton of industrial hemp grown. 
  3. Manufacturing products with industrial hemp instead of petrol or ore avoids CO2.  Called “Avoidance”.        
  4. Manufacturing hempcrete products, hemp bricks, hempcrete houses, insulation, rebar, vehicle bodies & parts, surf boards, skateboards, snowboards, is capturing CO2 long term.  

5. Reduces inputs like burning coal, gas, or electricity, as well as costs & pollution. 

6. Hemp Graphene Batteries: nontoxic, lightweight, hold a larger charge & fast charging. These batteries will revolutionize all transportation & renewable energy capabilities.

7. Industrial hemp makes plastic that is biodegradable. Hemp makes all paper products.    

8. Farming industrial hemp remediates the soil (removes toxins such as radiation)  and is weed and pest resistant. Less fuel & no pesticides. 

9. Provides the most nutritious grain on Earth with 18% protein & more.