We’re Bringing the Hemp Industry into the 21st Century

Join us as we continue to develop our technology to optimize the efficiency of industrial hemp!

Restore the Supply Chain.
Save the Environment.
Modernize the Hemp Industry.​

The Big “Why”

Hemp Harvesting and Processing Technology Has Not Advanced in Almost a Century

Outdated harvesting and processing technology has not advanced since industrial hemp was made illegal in 1937. This inefficient technology also creates logistical challenges moving products between the cultivation, harvesting, and processing operations. ​Furthermore, the current technology does not allow for the quality control needed to produce the high-quality fiber and other products from industrial hemp that are demanded by end-users. 


With REGEN’s combine, all parts of the industrial hemp plant are harvested for processing, dramatically reducing the common problem of field crop loss. We intend to achieve this through seed selection, new harvesting methods and newly developed equipment, which together provides more collectible crop volume.


Newly designed REGEN Decorticators & Driers, using enhanced technology, implemented in a fully automated processing plant moves the crop from field to indoor processing. This technology aims to create a higher standard of quality grade end-user goods for manufacturing.


REGEN’s concept encompasses all aspects of crop handling including preparing, processing, and wholesale warehousing for full distribution of all industrial hemp by-products. Processing will be done year-round with grade-specific products for manufacturers. ​

“There is a tremendous shortage of quality hemp fibers to make automotive parts and building materials to replace fiberglass and steel, and to produce textiles. What REGEN is developing is the most important project anywhere.”

Bruce M. Dietzen,

Creator & Founder of ‘Renew the Hemp Sports Car’