REGEN has worked closely with research institutions and agencies that are pioneering leaders of the industrial hemp revolution to develop the designs for cutting edge harvesting and processing equipment along with plans for integrated facilities.

Advisors & Leadership

Thom Peterson
Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Anthony Cortilet
Hemp Department Director, Minnesota. Dept. of Agriculture

Harold Stanislawski
Lead, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute

Riley Gordon
Engineer, Agricultural Utilization Research Institute

Chad Ulven
Department Chair, North Dakota State University
Lead Engineer for REGEN

Steve Thompson
Director, Applied Engineering

T.J. Kamen
Project Engineer, Applied Engineering

Bruce Dietzen
Founder, Renew Sports Car

Engineering, Ag, Seed, Anthropology and PR
Departments @ University of Minnesota

nonprofit think tank focused on developing hemp-based solutions which address the climate crisis

Our Team

Jane Burnes Leverenz, CEO, Founder, and majority owner of REGEN Industrial Hemp USA, is a career visionary & entrepreneur of 32 years. Jane developed and created five businesses during her career. Jane has contributed to her local and state community in a number of ways. Jane is experienced with multi-faceted business practices and a developer of Team Players. She considers Industrial Hemp to be the biggest opportunity to revitalize the US economy, and a true game-changer on a global scale. Jane has a record of successfully implementing new ideas and accomplishing her goals.

Dr. Liane Gale, a research and development consultant to REGEN, is a former agricultural research scientist, doing research in interdisciplinary collaborations at several major land-grant universities and the USDA. More recently, her professional focus was on K-12 education, in addition to political and activist endeavors, where she often assumed leadership positions. She is dedicated to a future of justice and equity and sees the enormous potential of what hemp has to offer.

Jack Frechette, an advisor to REGEN, has received a hands-on education on sustainable agriculture. Jack and his wife started their own farm in Hinckley, MN. They have also founded a non-profit to organize surplus meat into donations and prepared meals to help tackle the growing food insecurity in their area during the pandemic.

Lois Kunze, a professional advisor to REGEN, has done accounting and taxes for 45 years and has owned her own firm for 35 years. Growing up on a dairy farm and marrying a dairy farmer, she has a unique perspective on farming and realizes the importance of this project for the crop farmers’ bottom line. Lois supports the potential of REGEN Industrial Hemp USA for regeneration of the land and the impact of growing industrial hemp for CO2 sequestration and oxygen creation.

On Aug. 18, 2021 Regen Industrial Hemp hosted a workshop at the Kunze family farm near Hinckley to talk to local farmers about the potential hemp holds for growers and manufacturers.